Jenny Rossman I'll be there...with grapes up my nose!

Barry Harsip barry harsip- i will be there..despite getting e-mails saying i have not signed up to be there my heart will soar like a hawk to see each and every one of you...even those i do not know

Nelson DeWitt

heidi.h.ellenbecker.02 yay!!! got my camp t shirt picked out and everything.

Tarin McCarthy i will do my absolute best to be there...

sarabeth broder-fingert

Dianne (Burley) Fitzmaurice (+ 1 guest) Looking forward to seeing everyone

Bill Kelleher Looking forward to geting back to Camp Day - Bill Kelleher, CIT, Counselor Cabin 8 1980-1984

Sharon (Krim) Goldberg (+ 1 guest) Looking forward to reconnecting with so many old friends!

Jason Sobol Looking forward to being back at camp. Seems like yesterday.

Ian Kelly

john boland (+ 1 guest) I'm so giddy with excitement I can't stop writing new entries,.ok johnny lets get a hold of ourself, I can't wait to run all over the camp like i'm being chased by the junior unit director in an after hours man hunt wink wink

jamie jerskey-pena Looking forward to seeing everyone after all these years!

Curtis Fazen

Bob Goodman Looking forward to seeing everyone from the '73-'81 era, especially guys from the plaque winners on '74 Warriers, '74 Sha Na Na, '75 Dodgers and '75 Raiders and fellow counselors, JCs and CITs from '76-81. What great summer memories! Maybe we can make a visit to Peg's Place if it still exists! See you on the 1st.

David Bader I thought Dick McKnight was old when I was a camper, now I am older than he was! Love the memories...

ssafran Honored to be there. Am hoping for alumni team to take Competition, win plaque posted in rafters. I will destroy Lee Krasnoo... oh yes I will. - Steve Safran, Mediocre Counselor, 1984 - 1986

Bruce Newman Camp Day! Thanks for great memories and great friends. See you all on the 1st!

Heather Mojer

Michelle Riordan I hope to make it and look forward to finding my name inked on various cabins (and seeing old friends!)! I have LOADS of pictures and will send them to Amy.

Martina Gasparec Wouldn't miss this for the world! Email me at

jeff.d.bader 20 years since I "graduated" from Camp Day. A perfect time to come back for a reunion!

penelope jeffers gray is the way

Michelle (Rosen) Stewart Count me in! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and to showing my 5 year old son around the place where I spent so many of my favorite summers.

Nathan Johnson Looking forward to a great time!

Russell Rich I will be there! It should be fun! The last game of capture the flag got a little out of hand!

dana gasparec Can't wait to everyone!!! email me at

Eric Jersky (+ 2 guests) I can't believe it's been 11 years since I last worked there. Now, I'm married, and raising a future camper. No one is going to make me teach a diving class again are they?

Alan Suvalle After checking with my daughter Robyn, who plans to attend, and speaking with Peter Seronick recently, I will be there. Looking forward to seeing many old friends.

Jeff Baer sounds like a great time.. looking foward to seeing everyone. i'll tell my boss that i plan on being sick that day(s).

Peter Seronick Now that I see other geriatric alum are being given passes from their respective nursing homes, I'll be there as well. Will there be any kind of Lipitor Relay Race planned? Seeya on the First.

Nathan Johnston

Bill Mezzetti (+ 1 guest) This sounds like fun.. a camp 'do' just before we leave the USA. Sounds great.

jon mangion Drinking at camp! Just like the old days. Of course I'll go.

Peter Ettenberg Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Jen Hathaway I will DEFINITELY be there. I can't wait to see some old friends.

Jessica Rosoff (+ 1 guest) I can't wait to be back there with everyone!

Peter Dillon I already have my outfit all picked out. Same thing I wore 1989, first session, third dance. I'm working on my running man, Ooouuh! By the way a PB&J hotdog eating contest could get this party started with a bang, or a lot of vommitting, either way I'm in Baby!

Andrew Sydney It would be such a mistake not to go! I will definitely be there.

Arthur Halvorsen I will be there, and cant wait to see everyone!

Matt Boren i am trying my hardest to be there...

Leah Mojer (+ 1 guest) i have tons of pictures and great memories to share!! cant wait to see everyone in october!

danielle dublirer aghh! I am in south america backpacking, but will do my best to make it. If not, give all regards to my sister or send an email hasta luego

Erica Greenman Sounds like a blast! Looking forward to it.

Jordana Roubicek Greenman go Quacumquasett - we're there

Janet Lewis Absolutely!

Joanna Lewis I plan to be there!

Gary Rachins Sure, what the hell......but what about my golf game? there use to be 3 holes of golf somewhere beyond the archery field or way behind the senior ball field down the hill??????way back. can we uncover it? just kidding....

Karen Hathaway (+ 1 guest) I will absolutely be there! I will talk to Jen see if she is planning on attending. I am truly excited to have the opportunity to see everyone as well as revisit the camp where my fondest childhood memories were made, Goldrush, color war flag football, airbands anyone? :)

Jim Cinamon Yes, as of now I'll be there! Looking forward to it. Love the Quacumquasett water and the camp.

Marty Kenney Sounds like fun. Be sure to organize a touch football game for the over 50 crowd. We did so well playing softball a couple years ago, this would possibly kill us off altogether.

Rachel Freed It just so happens that I will be visiting my family in Newton that weekend, so I can definitely make it to the reunion! I'm going to try to drag my little brother with me too.

Sarah Baker-Siroty (+ 1 guest) I am so there... Baker-Siroty's vs. everyone in Basketball. Is Sarah Mangion coming to celebrate her birthday?

Kate Sydney I am SO TOTALLY THERE! Yay for camp!

John Bell (+ 3 guests) I'm looking forward to going and bringing my wife (Lori), ten year old daughter (Jodi) and six year old son (David).

Scott Lieberman I will be there. It will be great to stroll the grounds with my bunkmates once again. I am going to work on Stacy and the Hartman's.

Mark Goldschmidt (+ 1 guest) It's so great to hear some of these names again. Come on out and visit if you get a chance. We still have 2 1/2 weeks left and visiting day is Sunday 8/14. See the 43 foot climbing tower, the new dock and our hot new MasterCraft ski boat (no more FMB's for those of you who remember) as well as the beautiful paint job on all the buildings.

Marci (Shapiro) Ide I am very excited to see everyone. You can email me at

Rachel (Cohen) Sudikoff (+ 1 guest) I plan on being there-looking forward to it! What great memories!

Josh Lieberman I can't wait! It's hard to believe, but I've never left camp! 20 great summers and still counting! Keep in touch!

Torrey Fazen Can't wait!

Julia Chafets I'll be there!

Gabe Sholder (+ 1 guest) Quacumquasit here we come!

Genna Lyons I look forward to it!

Philip Levine Yes, I'm planning on being there, should be a great time for alumni.

Chris Day Looking forward to it.

Steve Goldberg I'm coming to cash in an old canteen card. I can taste the Birch Beer and frozen Charleston Chew now!

Michelle Buglio Definitely planning to be there.

robynbaer (+ 1 guest) Looking forward to it! You can reach me before then at

Amy (Kelly) Olivier I'll be there-- should be fun.

Mike Buglio Definitely planning to be there.

Mike Sobol Of course would not miss it. Hope to see all of the "Old Timers" once again........

Alan Hackel I hope some campers from the late 40's and 50's can attend. It would be great to renew old friendships. Please keep me posted if any from my era do register for the reunion. Thank you.

Robyn Beliveau Looking forward to seeing some old friends

Steve Beradi I'm looking forward to being there! Since I'll be flying in, if anyone wants to get together that Friday night beforehand, let me know. Steven -

nataliejeffers there's no way i'm going to miss this... i can't wait!

Scott Kandel (+ 1 guest) I'm in. And I'm working on Ben

Amy McKnight I'll be there - looking forward to it!

Jen (Dublirer) Titton We will do our absolute best to be there! I can't wait to see everyone. Feel free to write me before then at: :-)

Dick & Sonya McKnight (+ 1 guest) YES! Of course we will be there. We can't wait to see all the familiar faces. (Notice we didn't say, "Old faces.")

Steve Miller Wouldn't miss it for anything!!! Camp Day Invitational BB Tourney Friday August 12th at Camp another Great Day sgm

Ellen (Dillon) Labbe (+ 1 guest) Can't wait to see everyone!!

Mike Sherer Looking forward